Thursday, November 25, 2010

Smartphones, Twitter top Japan hit product survey

Smartphones, Twitter top Japan hit product survey

Thu, Nov 25 08:14 AM EST

TOKYO (Reuters) - Smartphones and Twitter were the hottest products in Japan in 2010 and travel and leisure were back on the menu, an ad agency survey showed, as penny-pinching consumers rediscovered their fun side.

Flat-screen TVs equipped for digital broadcasting placed fourth in Dentsu's annual "Hit Product Recognition Survey" and energy-saving appliances ranked eighth.

Overseas flights from Tokyo's Haneda airport, which resumed full-fledged international services for the first time in 32 years and grabbed headlines with a glitzy new terminal, placed sixth, the survey showed.

The 2010 soccer World Cup, in which Japan's "Samurai Blue" surprised by advancing beyond the group stages, placed ninth.

Japanese consumers have in recent years been forgoing the latest designer brands and cool gadgets in favor of bargain shopping as the economy continues to lag, but the latest crop of tech products has been generating considerable buzz.

Tablet information devices, such as Apple's iPad, came in at 19th, the survey showed, but rose to No.10 in a separate question that predicted hit products and services next year.

And don't forget the 3D boom: 3D movies, TVs and other 3D products placed 15th this year, and are expected to jump to No.6 next year, the survey showed.

On the other hand, the inexpensive retail merchandise that dominated last year's survey vanished from the top 10.

Low-priced domestic-brand fashions, such as those found at casual-clothing retailer Uniqlo, slipped to No. 13 from third place last year, and were absent from the top 20 list of next year's predictions.

Here are the top 10 items in Dentsu's 2010 Hit Products survey, conducted over the Internet earlier this month with responses from 1,000 people:

1. Smartphones

2. Twitter

3. Munchable chili oil

4. Digital broadcasting-equipped widescreen flat-panel TVs

5. Ryoma Sakamoto (a popular historical figure on whom a hit Samurai drama series was based)

6. International flight services at Haneda Airport

7. Tokyo Sky Tree (new broadcasting tower to be completed in 2012)

8. Energy-saving appliances eligible for a rebate scheme

9. 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa

10. LED light bulbs

(Reporting by Chris Gallagher, editing by Elaine Lies)

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Friday, November 19, 2010

Sayangi IBU Kita

Aku mempunyai pasangan hidup...
Saat senang aku cari pasanganku
Saat sedih aku cari ibu
Saat sukses aku ceritakan pada pasanganku
Saat gagal aku ceritakan pada ibu
Saat bahagia aku peluk erat pasanganku
Saat sedih aku peluk erat ibuku
Saat liburan aku bawa pasanganku
Saat aku sibuk anak dianter ke rumah ibu
Saat sambut valentine slalu beri hadiah pada pasangan.
Saat sambut hari ibu aku cuma dapat ucapkan "Selamat Hari Ibu"
Selalu aku ingat pasanganku
Selalu ibu yg ingat aku
Setiap saat aku akan tlpon pasanganku
Kl inget aku akan tlpon ibu
Selalu aku belikan hadiah untuk pasanganku
Entah kapan aku akan belikan hadiah untuk ibu
"Kalau kau sudah habis belajar dan berkerja...
bolehkah kau kirim uang untuk ibu?
Ibu tdk mnta banyak... lima puluh rb sebulan pun cukuplah".
Berderai air mata jika kita mendengarnya........
Tapi kalau ibu sudah tiadaTapi kalau ibu sudah tiada..........
Berapa bnyk yang sanggup menyuapkan ibunya....
berapa bnyk yang sanggup melap muntah ibunya.....
berapa bnyk yang sanggup mengganti lampin ibunya.....
berapa bnyk yang sanggup..... membersihkan najis ibunya.......
berapa bnyk yang sanggup berhenti kerja untuk menjaga ibunya....

Dan akhir sekali berapa bnyk yang sembahyang JENAZAH ibunya......
"Jika kamu menyayangi ibumu, "forward"kanlah kepada sahabat- sahabat anda
•1org: Kamu tdk sayang ibumu
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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hosnuzon dengan Allah

Salam saudara/ri,

Subhanallah... Dugaan tuhan. Dapat surat keputusan temuduga pagi ini. Aku menerima surat ini pun dengan hati yang gembira dengan harapan isi kandunganya nanti memancarkan kecerian untuk aku.

Namun ku sangkakan panas hingga ke petang tapi hujan di tengahhari. Aku hanya dipilih sebagai calon simpanan sahaja.

Allah... Mungkin ini perancangan Nya ya mungkin Allah mengatur yang terbaik untuk aku. Hosnuzon terhadap Allah itu saja dapat mengawal hati kita.

Terima kasih atas moral support dari keluarga, sahabat-sahabat sekalian di dalam memberi kata semangat dan perangsang. Insyaallah rezeki itu memang ada cuma belum sampai lagi.


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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Salam Eid Adha

Pagi Aidiladha yang sedikit mendung dan sejuk paginya. Masih baring-baring tatkala menunggu masa untuk mandi. Bersiap untuk menunaikan solat sunat di masjid.

Tidak perlu diceritakan kisah yang tersirat disebalik aidiladha ini. Kisah pengorbanan Nabi Ibrahim dan Nabi Ismail yang sedah sekian lama kita hayati malahan dalam khutbah solat sunat aidiladha nanti pun kita akan diperingatkan semula kisah dan tauladan yang perlu kita contohi dalam diri dan kehidupan seharian.

Peluang dan ruangan ini aku ukirkan satu coretan untuk mengucapkan selamat Eid Adha buat semua.... Beringatlah, kerana peringatan itu amat berguna

Salam eid adha

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Renungan bersama: cinta dan benci

Salam saudara/ri,

Ingin berkongsi satu kata-kata yang mengingatkan diri tentang sesuatu. Amatilah

"Cintailah orang yang engkau kasihi itu sekedarnya, mungkin saja dia akan menjadi orang yang
kau benci pada suatu hari kelak.

Juga bencilah terhadap orang yang kamu benci itu sekedarnya,
barangkali dia akan menjadi orang yang engkau kasihi pada suatu hari nanti."
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Monday, November 15, 2010

Popular energy drinks have hidden risks

Sun, Nov 14 21:08 PM EST

NEW YORK (Reuters Life!) - Energy drinks are hugely popular, but each one could be giving you more caffeine than a cup of coffee, a study said.

In addition, that caffeine could combine with other ingredients in potentially risky ways, with the use of energy drinks with alcohol a particular concern.

"What we know is that a typical energy drink can have as much as a quarter cup of sugar, and more caffeine than a strong cup of coffee," said John Higgins of the University of Texas Medical School at Houston, who led a study that appeared in this month's Mayo Clinic Proceedings.

Caffeine content of energy drinks ranges from 70 to 200 mg per 16-oz serving. By comparison, an 8-oz cup of coffee can contain between 40 to 150 mg depending on how it's brewed.

Even more of an issue is how ingredients often not mentioned on the labels -- such as the herbal stimulant guarana, the amino acid taurine, and other herbs, minerals and vitamins == might interact with the caffeine, he told Reuters Health.

The concern is how such interaction might affect heart rates, blood pressure and even mental states, especially when consumed in large amounts, with alcohol, or by athletes.

Higgins and colleagues reviewed medical literature on energy drinks and their ingredients between 1976 and 2010, only to find there has been little research into their impact.

Some small studies, usually on physically active young adults, have shown the drinks can increase blood pressure and heart rates. But evidence of more serious effects such as heart attacks, seizures and death are anecdotal, they wrote.

Norway, Denmark and France banned Red Bull after a study showed rats that "were fed taurine and exhibited bizarre behavior, including anxiety and self-mutilation."

"We're not rats, but consumption has been shown to be positively associated with high-risk behavior," Higgins and his colleagues wrote.

Energy drinks are often promoted to, and used by, athletes for an "extra push." But Higgins and his group noted that based on the way caffeine and some other ingredients affect the body, there's a risk that energy drinks can seriously dehydrate users.

"The possibility of dehydration and increased blood pressure make water or lower-octane sports drinks, which contain electrolytes, some minerals and carbohydrates, a better choice," he added.

Non-athletes should drink no more than one a day, never mix them with alcohol, and drink lots of water after exercising. People with hypertension should never drink them, and people with health conditions such as heart disease should consult their doctors before using the drinks.

Regulation of the drinks could go a long way toward solving potential problems, Higgins added.

"Manufacturers can put whatever in them, advertise however and people consume however. Whenever you have a situation like this, you are going to run into problems," he said.


(Reporting by Rachel Myers Lowe; editing by Elaine Lies)

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"Megamind" tops box offices for second week

Sun, Nov 14 20:40 PM EST
By Bob Tourtellotte

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Animated comedy 'Megamind' topped film charts for the second week on Sunday, claiming No. 1 at North American box offices with $30 million and beating new releases, including action flick "Unstoppable."

The family-oriented comedy pushed its two-week total to $89.8 million and showed staying power in theaters with a decline of 35 percent from last week's debut of nearly $48 million for its producers at DreamWorks Animation.

The relatively small drop, compared to other major releases that often see ticket sales fall 50 percent or more, has DreamWorks Animation hoping "Megamind" can hold its own against the widely anticipated "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1" when it debuts in theaters next weekend.

"We're seeing lots of momentum with kids and especially young boys," DreamWorks Animation global marketing chief Anne Globe said, adding that the company expects "Megamind" to continue performing well in theaters equipped with 3D.

The new "Harry Potter" will not be show in 3D.

In second place over the weekend was runaway train movie "Unstoppable," starring Denzel Washington and Chris Pine. It pulled in $23.5 million and was the top-grossing new release, pleasing its distributor 20th Century Fox.

The fast-paced thriller generally earned good reviews from both critics and positive response from fans, Fox said, which is rare in theaters these days.

"Unstoppable" debuted in about 3,200 theaters, for an average of $7,300 per location. "Megamind" pulled in $7,600 per venue in approximately 3,900 locations.

In its second week in theaters, Warner Bros. comedy "Due Date," starring Robert Downey Jr., dropped one position to the No. 3 slot on box office charts with $15.5 million, or $4,600 per theater in more than 3300 locations.

Sci-fi thriller "Skyline" was No. 4 with $11.7 million, while romantic comedy "Morning Glory" rounded out the top 5 with $9.6 million, a disappointing opening with major stars like Harrison Ford and Diane Keaton working alongside Rachel McAdams.

Director Tyler Perry's "For Colored Girls" fell to the No. 6 spot with a 65 percent drop in ticket sales to a total $6.8 million. That figure pushed its cumulative box office to just under $31 million in two weeks.

Rounding out the top 10 in descending order were four holdovers from recent weeks, "Red," "Paranormal Activity 2" "Saw 3D" and "Jackass 3D."

"Megamind," "Morning Glory," "Paranormal Activity 2" and "Jackass 3D" were all distributed by Paramount Pictures, a unit of Viacom Inc.. "Megamind" was produced by DreamWorks Animation.

"Skyline" was released by Universal Pictures, a unit of General Electric's NBC Universal media division, and "Unstoppable" by 20th Century Fox is a division of News Corp. "For Colored Girls" and "Saw 3D" were released by Lions Gate, and "Red" by privately held Summit Entertainment.

(Editing by Stacey Joyce)

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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Factbox: Key facts about Myanmar

Sat, Nov 13 10:05 AM EST

(Reuters) - Myanmar's military rulers freed long-detained Nobel Peace Prize laureate and democracy campaigner Aung San Suu Kyi on Saturday after her house arrest term expired.

Here are some key facts about Myanmar, a resource-rich former British colony that has spent most of its post-independence history under authoritarian military dictatorships.

COUNTRY NAME: It was changed last month to the Republic of the Union of Myanmar. Previously it was the Union of Myanmar, having been changed from the Union of Burma in 1989 in what the junta said was to appease minority non-Burman ethnic groups. A new flag and national anthem were also introduced last month.

POPULATION: About 50 million: estimates vary from 48 million to 58 million. The biggest ethnic group is Burman (about 68 percent), followed by Shan (9 percent) and Karen (7 percent). The population is mostly Theravada Buddhist (89 percent), the rest being Christian, Muslim, Hindu and animist.

AREA: At approximately 678,000 sq km (261,800 sq miles), it is the second largest country in Southeast Asia. Less than two percent of land is under permanent crops and pasture. About 15 percent is arable. Forests make up nearly 50 percent.

BORDERS: Myanmar has borders with Bangladesh (193 km, 120 miles), China (2,185 km, 1,360 miles), India (1,463 km, 910 miles), Laos (235 km, 145 miles) and Thailand (1,800 km, 1,120 miles). It also has nearly 2,000 km (1,240 miles) of coastline on the Andaman Sea and Bay of Bengal.

CAPITAL: Naypyitaw. In 2005, the military government moved the capital 390 km (240 miles) north from colonial-era Yangon (formerly known as Rangoon) to remote, purpose-built Naypyitaw. However, Yangon remains the economic hub.

ARMED FORCES: Active forces estimated at 375,500 in 2006, making the country's military one of Asia's largest after China and India. The military relies mostly on older Russian and Chinese technology and enjoy a huge slice of the national budget.

ECONOMY: Long-isolated Myanmar joined the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN), comprising its major trade partners, in 1997. It embarked on a market economy in 1988 after 26 years of central planning. Though impoverished, Myanmar is rich in natural resources, including petroleum, natural gas, timber, tin, zinc, copper and precious stones. The economy relies heavily on the export of natural gas, agricultural, marine and forest products and textiles. Its biggest trade partners are Thailand, China and India.

The country's proven gas reserves doubled in the past decade to 570 billion cubic meters, equivalent to almost a fifth of Australia's, according to the BP Statistical Review. Revenues from those reserves are tightly held among the ruling military elite whose cronies dominate other businesses.

There are few accurate economic statistics available and the country has a large black-market economy. Independent economists say decades of corruption and mismanagement by the military have left Myanmar with negligible growth, rampant inflation and a currency, the kyat, considered worthless outside the country. Myanmar has undergone a big sell off of hundreds of state assets in recent months, but the process has been highly opaque and it appears most have ended up in the hands of junta cronies.

POLITICS: Myanmar has faced political and economic isolation since the military refused to recognize the results of a democratic election in 1990, won by Suu Kyi pro-democracy National League for Democracy.

Last Sunday it held its first election since then. The parliamentary poll was won convincingly by the military-backed Union Solidarity and Development Party, whose victory will ensure the armed forces has control of the new legislature. Critics say the poll was hugely flawed and the political process is a facade of democracy that will bring no real change to the status quo.

Foreign donors are reluctant to help Myanmar, saying its human rights record is abysmal. Many Western countries, including members of the European Union, the United States and Australia, maintain economic and military sanctions on the country, but they could be reviewed now that Suu Kyi, who has reversed her pro-sanctions stance, has been released.

Neighboring China is its biggest political and economic ally and has capitalized on the West's reluctance to trade with the junta. It relies heavily on Myanmar for its energy needs and has ensured the regime has its backing in the international arena.

(Compiled by Bangkok Newsroom; Editing by Jason Szep)

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Mahasiswa UM setuju pendidikan seks tidak dilaksanakan sebagai pendidikan khas

Mahasiswa UM Setuju Pendidikan Seks Tidak Dilaksanakan Sebagai Pendidikan Khas

⁠Saturday, November 13, 2010⁠ ​ ⁠⁠ ⁠Tweet⁠


"Saya sangat bersetuju mata pelajaran pendidikan seks tidak diajar di sekolah sebagai pendidikan khas" ulas Presiden Persatuan Mahasiswa Akademi Pengajian Islam UM (PMAPIUM), Saudara Mohd Syahid bin Mohd Zaini.

Beliau mengulas kenyataan Timbalan Menteri Pelajaran, Dr Mohd Puad Zarkashi mengenai keputusan Kementerian Pelajaran untuk tidak melaksanakan pendidikan seks di sekolah.

Namun, beliau yang juga Exco MPMUM Sesi 2009/2010 berasa kesal apabila silibus pendidikan Islam dalam pendidikan sekarang tidak mampu melahirkan manusia yang berkualiti seperti yang dikehendaki Islam.

"Yang dikesalkan, silibus Pengajian Islam di sekolah-sekolah masih tidak mampu untuk memahirkan para pelajar mengenai perkara yang berkaitan dengan rukun Islam seperti solat, zakat, puasa, haji serta amalan lain seperti membaca al Qur'an, menutup aurat dan lain-lain lagi."

Beliau berpendapat hanya penerapan ajaran dan pendidikan Islam secara komprehensif dalam sistem pendidikan di sekolah mampu membendung gejala maksiat dan zina.

Manakala Bendahari PMAPIUM, saudara Muhammad Rusydan mengatakan "Subjek khas pendidikan seks tidak mampu menyelesaikan masalah gejala sosial yang berlaku. Pendidikan seks hanya mengenalkan remaja tentang persoalan seks dan masalahnya sahaja. Namun tidak dapat memahamkan persoalan hukum berkaitan dengan seks"

" Kebanyakan kes yang berlaku seperti zina dan pergaulan bebas adalah berpunca dari kejahilan mereka terhadap agama seperti hukum halal dan haram.Remaja sekarang menganggap persoalan aurat dan pergaulan bebas adalah perkara remeh dan tidak penting" menurutnya lagi.

Mohd Rusydan

Manakala Nur Dalilah binti Mokhtar, wakil mahasiswa Akademi Pengajian Islam UM "Saya setuju dengan keputusan kementerian untuk tidak melaksanakannya. Ia disebabkan acuan kita tidak sama dengan acuan sekular Barat kerana sistem nilai yang berbeza. Pendidikan seks dalam konteks masyarakat kita, khususnya umat Islam wajib bertunjangkan sistem nilai, moraliti dan akhlak Islam"

Beliau berkata teknik pengajaran serta intipati pembelajaran untuk memberi panduan safe sex adalah berbeza dengan matlamat untuk melahirkan insan yang soleh dan seimbang.

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Friday, November 12, 2010

Kenalan dan Sahabat

Ada satu perbezaan antara menjadi seorang kenalan dan menjadi seorang sahabat.

Pertama, seorang kenalan adalah seorang yang namanya kau ketahui, yang kau lihat berkali-kali, yang dengannya mungkin kau miliki persamaan, dan bila disisinya kau merasa tenang. Ia adalah orang yang dapat kau undang ke rumahmu dan dengannya kau berkongsi kebahagiaan.

Namun mereka adalah orang yang dengannya tidak akan kau kongsi hidupmu, yang tindakan-tindakannya kadang-kadang tidak kau mengerti kerana kau tidak cukup tahu tentang mereka.

Sebaliknya, seorang sahabat adalah seseorang yang kau cintai,fahami dan sayangi... Bukan kerana kau jatuh cinta padanya, namun kau peduli akan orang itu, dan kau memikirkannya ketika mereka tidak ada.

Sahabat-sahabat adalah orang dimana kau diingatkan ketika kau melihat sesuatu yang mungkin mereka sukai, dan kau tahu perkara itu kerana kau mengenali mereka dengan baik.


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Jika Aku Jatuh Cinta

By Aq Pasrah Today at 9:24am

Ya Allah, jika aku jatuh cinta , cintakanlah aku pada seseorang yang melabuhkan cintanya pada-Mu agar bertambah kekuatan ku untuk mencintai-Mu...Ya Muhaimin, jika aku jatuh cinta, jagalah cinta ku padanya agar tidak melebihi cintaku pada-Mu...Ya Allah, jika aku jatuh hati, izinkanlah aku menyentuh hati seseorang yang hatinya tertaut pada-Mu agar tidak terjatuh aku dalam jurang cinta semu...Ya Rabbana, jika aku jatuh hati, jagalah hatiku padanya agar tidak berpaling dari hati-Mu...Ya Rabbul izzati, jika aku rindu, rindukanlah aku pada seseorang yang merindui syahid di jalan-Mu...Ya Allah, jika aku rindu, jagalah rinduku padanya agar tidak lalai aku merindukan syurga-Mu...Ya Allah, jika aku menikmati cinta kekasih-Mu, janganlah kenikmatan itu melebihi kenikmatan indahnya bermunajat di sepertiga malam terakhir-Mu..Ya Allah, jika aku jatuh hati pada kekasih-Mu jangan biarkan aku tertatih dan terjatuh dalam perjalanan panjang menyeru manusia kepada-Mu..Ya Allah, jika Kau halalkan aku merindui kekasih-Mu, jangan biarkan aku melampaui batas sehingga melupakan aku pada cinta hakiki dan rindu abadi hanya kepada-Mu...Ya Allah, Engkau mengetahui bahwa hati hati ini telah terhimpun dalam cinta pada-Mu, telah berjumpa dalam taat pada-Mu, telah bersatu dalam dakwah pada-Mu dan telah terpadu dalam membela syariat-Mu, penuhilah hati hati ini dengan nur-Mu yang tiada pernah pudar... lapangkanlah dada-dada kami dengan limpahan
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Thursday, November 11, 2010

BlackBerry Bold 9780 in Malaysia Soon

The BlackBerry Bold 9780 was announced just recently and now word has it that it's coming to Malaysia in couple of weeks time.

As a result, we would expect further price reduction on BlackBerry Bold 9700 to make way for the enhanced Bold. On the device itself, the Bold 9780 doesn't differ much compared to the 9700 that it replaces. The only difference is improved camera, increase on-board memory to 512MB and it runs on the newer BlackBerry 6 OS.
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Concern at University of Wales overseas degrees

Concern at University of Wales overseas degrees

The University of Wales announced it had suspended its involvement with Fazley International College, pending investigation

A Malaysian pop star with a bogus doctorate has been running a college offering University of Wales degree courses, a BBC investigation shows.

Related stories

Uni's US college link 'damaging'

A Bangkok college that Thai authorities say has been operating illegally, is also offering courses leading to degrees from the Welsh institution.

Second uni to award own degrees

Three universities go independent

Week in Week Out examined the way in which the University of Wales validated courses in overseas institutions.

The university said it was dealing "thoroughly" with the issues raised.

The programme revealed that Fazley Yaakob, who runs the Fazley International College (FICO) in the Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur, was claiming to have both a masters and a doctorate in business administration.

But both came from a bogus university.

The pop star, who has four hit albums to his name, claimed the qualifications from the European Business School (Cambridge), an offshoot of the Irish International University, which was exposed as a sham by the BBC in 2008.

He said the University of Wales did not ask about his credentials, which were displayed prominently on the college website until he was confronted by BBC Wales' education correspondent Ciaran Jenkins in Kuala Lumpur.


Start Quote

We are not happy about what is happening, we are dealing with it and will deal with it very thoroughly and will learn lessons from what has happened"

No new admissions

Professor Nigel Palastanga, pro vice chancellor at the University of Wales, said the university was "concerned" about the issues raised in the programme.

"We are not happy about what is happening, we are dealing with it and will deal with it very thoroughly and will learn lessons from what has happened," he said.

The University of Wales announced it had suspended its involvement with Fazley International College, and would take no new admissions to its business administration and MBA courses until the matter had been investigated.

Professor Nigel Palastanga

University of Wales

Professor Palastanga said there were no concerns about academic standards at the college.

Meanwhile, Thai authorities said Accademia Italiana, a fashion college offering University of Wales validated courses in Bangkok, Thailand, had been operating illegally.

Dr Sumate Yammoon, Secretary General of the Commission on Higher Education in Thailand, said last week that the matter was in the hands of the police.

However, Professor Palastanga said the situation had now changed.

'Run its course'

"My information is that the college is now operating legally within the Thai system," he said.

Jenny Randerson AM, the Welsh Liberal Democrat education spokesperson, said she believed the University of Wales had now "run its course" and that its remaining accredited institutions in Wales - Swansea Metropolitan University, UWIC, Glyndwr University, Trinity Saint David and University of Wales, Newport - could operate independently.

Universities in Wales are bracing themselves for the outcome of a review into the governance of higher education, ordered by Education Minister Leighton Andrews.
He has now instructed the review to look at the issues raised in the Week In Week Out programme.

Cardiff University left the University of Wales in 2004 while the universities of Bangor, Swansea and Aberystwyth decided to offer their own degrees in 2008.

Fazley Yaakob has four hit albums to his name

Severed ties

In November 2008, a BBC Wales Dragon's Eye investigation showed that the University of Wales validated courses run by a controversial bible college in the United States.

The university severed its ties with Trinity College of the Bible in Newburgh, Indiana shortly before the programme was broadcast.

Professor Palastanga said it was "not good" for the university's reputation when things went wrong, however he stressed it worked continually with its partners to uphold standards.

The University of Wales validates courses in more than 100 colleges in more than 40 countries.

There are currently 70,000 students studying for University of Wales degrees worldwide.

The university said the profits from its international validation programmes were invested in Welsh higher education.

Responding to a question from Jenny Randerson AM on the investigation, First Minister Carwyn Jones told the assembly the education minister has already asked the review of HE governance to look into this matter.

"Primarily, it's an issue for the University of Wales and its reputation," Mr Jones told AMs.

"So it's exceptionally important that the University of Wales takes note of the allegations that have been made, and then of course takes steps to ensure that if the allegations are correct, that there is no opportunity for anybody to use the name of the University of Wales in an inappropriate way."

Week In Week Out: University Challen

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Senarai Barang Yang Mengandungi Lemak Babi


( di salin dari blog )

1. Minyak Masak LAM SOON ( Cap Helang & Buruh )
2. Ubat Pearl Cream Arche ( Thailand )
3. Ajinomoto ( Thailand )
4. Ais Krim Harga RM1.00 ke atas
5. Semua tauhu buatan Orang Cina
6. Sabun LUX & Lotion Badan Buatan Malaysia , USA , & Thailand
7. Sabun FAB berbuku
8. Lobak Jeruk
9. Mee & Kueteow basah ( buatan Cina)
10. Krim Muka Hazeline Snow

(no: 12 tu baca bebetul...wallahua'lam).
1. Semua Jenis Serbuk Mee Segera Terutama Maggi
2. Pucuk , Kulit Popia, Fish Cake & Bebola Ikan buatan Orang Cina
3. Daging Burger Import
4.. Sardin, Kari Ayam dlm tin & Yong Taufu buatan Orang Cina
5. Kasut Bola Jenis ' Gold Cup'
6. Berus Gigi Jenis ' Reach'
7. Mee Kering ( sanggol ) 15.Mee Rebus Tulang&Kiub Perasa Ayam
8. Semua sabun mandi yang diimport
9. Ajinomoto kecuali keluaran Kilang Lot 5710 Jalan Kuchai Lama KL
10. Semua jenis shampoo kecuali keluaran Orang Islam
11. Have Pearl Cream
12. Ramuan Kentucky Fried Chicken & Mc Donald
13. Ubat Kurap buatan Org Cina
14.. Beehon Segera Siam
>15. Sabun Mandi Yang Berminyak

1. Bosset Wine Gum
2. Dairy Milk Coklat
3. Coklat Cadbury/ Chewing Gum
4. Sugus Strawberry
5. Passer Doily Mixture
6. Trebo Mint Chewing Gum/ Peppermint
7. Scothes Vikmin
8. Share Extra Atrenght
9. Black Current Jelly
10. Royal Gulaman & Decart Oranges
11. Valvis Gelatin
12. Sarung Kapsul Ubat
13. Ais Krim dalam bekas plastik
14. Gula-gula Fruities
15 Cake Mets Vilber Punch
16 Coklat Cake
17 Tepung Kastard Lady's Choice
18 Semua jenis Jelly
19 Semua jenis gincu bibir
20 Keseluruhan Jenis Sheisedo
21 Lady's Choice Jelly


Pastikan Pakaian anda tidak terkena bahan-bahan diatas terutama pakaian sembahyang. TOLONG CETAK DAN EDARKAN RISALAH INI KPD SEMUA SAUDARA ISLAM KITA.

Confirm - Pringles Potato Chips - tidak HALAL !!

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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

How to reset a blackberry smartphone- tips

How to reset a BlackBerry smartphone
By BlackBerry Addicted Today at 3:18am

A reset of a BlackBerry smartphone is a troubleshooting method that completely turns off and restarts the BlackBerry smartphone's operating system software and applications. It is a useful first step if a BlackBerry smartphone is experiencing hardware, software, or wireless network problems.

Note: A reset of a BlackBerry smartphone does not delete any settings or data.

There are two options for performing a reset: a hard reset and a soft reset.

A hard reset involves physically removing the battery from the smartphone and then reinserting it. To perform a hard reset, complete the following steps:Remove the battery cover from the back of the BlackBerry smartphone. Remove the battery, and then reinsert it after a few seconds. Replace the battery cover. A soft reset is a three-key combination that resets the BlackBerry smartphone without removing the battery. It is only available on BlackBerry smartphone models with a QWERTY keyboard. Do not attempt to perform a soft reset on BlackBerry smartphones that are equipped with SureType® technology or the SurePress™ touch screen, such as the BlackBerry® Pearl™ Series, BlackBerry® Pearl™ Flip Series, and BlackBerry® Storm™ smartphone.

To perform a soft reset, complete the following steps:Press and hold the Alt key on the BlackBerry smartphone. While holding down the Alt key, press and hold the Right Shift key. With both of those buttons still pressed, press the Backspace/Delete key. The display on the BlackBerry smartphone turns off to indicate that the reset has started, and the keys can now be released. Note: Some BlackBerry smartphones do not display the Alt, Right Shift, and Backspace/Delete keys in the same manner. However, the location of the keys does not change. Please refer to the following graphic for key position:

Additional Information

It is normal behavior for a BlackBerry smartphone to take several minutes to completely start up following a reset.
Some wireless service providers and third-party device manufacturers have processes called master reset, factory reset, or master clear, which erases all user data and settings for non-BlackBerry carrier devices, restoring them to a "factory" state. The wipe handheld command performs this same function on a BlackBerry smartphone.

To reset a legacy BlackBerry device ( Research In Motion® (RIM®) 850, 857, 950, 957 devices), insert the end of a paper clip into the small hole on the back of the device.


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Monday, November 8, 2010


Untuk peringatan diri sendiri dan semua.... Perkongsian berguna: 



Maha Suci Tuhan yang Engkau bersifat dengan Baqa' dan Qidam

Tuhan yang berkuasa mematikan sekalian yang bernyawa

Maha Suci Tuhan yang menjadikan mat

Dan hidup untuk menguji siapa yang baik dan siapa yang kecewa

Maha Suci Tuhan yang menjadikan lubang kubur sebesar-besar pengajaran

Untuk menjadi iktibar kepada orang yang lalai

Dan sebesar-besar amaran kepada orang yang masih hidup

Ingatlah! Bahawa sekalian mahluk Allah akan jahanam dan binasa

Melainkan zat Allah Taala, Dialah Tuhan yang Maha Besar berkuasa menghukum

Manakala kita sekalian akan kembali menghadap hadhrat Allah Taala



Hendaklah kamu ingat akan janji-janji Allah

Yang mana kamu ada bawa bersama-sama dari dunia ini

Sekarang kamu telah menuju masuk ke negeri Akhirat

Kamu telah mengaku bahawa tiada Tuhan yang disembah

Dengan sebenar-benarnya melainkan Allah

Dan bahawasanya Nabi Muhammad itu Pesuruh Allah

Ingatlah wahai SAYA Bin IBU SAYA,

Apabila datang kepada kamu dua malaikat yang serupa dengan kamu

Iaitu Mungkar dan Nangkir, maka janganlah berasa gentar dan takut

Janganlah kamu berdukacita dan risau

Serta janganlah kamu susah-hati dan terkejut


Ketahuilah wahai SAYA Bin IBU SAYA

Bahawasanya Mungkar dan Nangkir itu hamba Allah Taala,

Sebagaimana kamu juga hamba Allah Taala

Apabila mereka menyuruh kamu duduk,

Mereka juga akan menyoal kamu

Mereka berkata:


Siapakah Tuhan kamu?

Siapakah Nabi kamu?

Apakah agama kamu?

Apakah kiblat kamu?

Siapakah saudara kamu?

Apakah pegangan iktikad kamu?

Dan apakah kalimah yang kamu bawa bersama-sama kamu?


Di masa itu hendaklah kamu menjawab soalan-soalan mereka

Dengan cermat dan sehabis-habis terang, tepat dan betul

Janganlah berasa gementar, janganlah cuak

Dan janganlah bergopoh-gapah

Biarlah tenang dan berhati-hati, hendaklah kamu jawab begini:


Allah Taala Tuhanku,

Muhammad nabiku,

Islam agamaku,

kitab suci Al-Quran ikutanku,

Baitullah itu kiblatku,

Malahan solah lima waktu,

Puasa di bulan Ramadhan,

Mengeluarkan zakat dan mengerjakan haji diwajibkan ke atas aku,

Semua orang Islam dan orang yang beriman adalah saudara aku,

Bahkan dari masa hidup hingga aku mati

Aku mengucap: "La ila ha illallah Muhammaddur rasulullah".


Wahai SAYA Bin IBU SAYA tetapkanlah hatimu

Inilah dia suatu dugaan yang paling besar

Ingatlah bahawa kamu sekarang sedang tinggal di dalam alam Barzakh

Sehingga sampai satu masa kelak,

Kamu akan dibangunkan semula untuk berkumpul di Padang Mahsyar


Insaflah wahai SAYA Bin IBU SAYA,

Bahawasanya mati ini adalah benar

Soalan malaikat Mungkar dan Nangkir di dalam kubur ini adalah benar

Bangun dari kubur kemudian kita dihidupkan semula adalah benar

Berkumpul dan berhimpun di Padang Mahsyar adalah benar

Dihisab dan dikira segala amalan kamu adalah benar

Minum di kolam air nabi adalah benar

Ada syurga dan neraka adalah benar

Bahawasanya hari Kiamat tetap akan adanya

Begitu juga Tuhan yang Maha Berkuasa

Akan membangkitkan semula orang-orang yang di dalam kubur


Di akhirnya kami ucapkan selamat berpisah

Dan selamat tinggal kamu disisi Allah Taala

Semoga Tuhan akan memberi sejahtera kepada kamu

Tuhan jua yang menetapkan hati kamu

Kami sekalian berdoa mudah-mudahan Allah Taala

Menjinakkan hati kamu yang liar

Dan Allah menaruh belas kasihan kepada kamu

Yang berdagang seorang diri di dalam kubur ini

Mudah-mudahan Tuhan akan memberi keampunan

Dan memaafkan kesalahan kamu serta menerima segala amal kebajikan kamu


Ya Allah Ya Tuhan, kami merayu dan bermohon kepada Mu supaya tidak

diseksa mayat ini dengan kemegahan penghulu kami Muhammad SAW.


Subhana rabbika rabbil izati amma ya sifun wassallamu alalmursalinwalhamdulillahi rabbil alamin.


Setiap yang bernafas, pasti akan mati – "Kullu nafsin za iqatul maut"

Firman Allah swt, "Demi masa, sesungguhnya manusia itu benar-benar berada di dalam kerugian,

kecuali orang-orang yang beriman dan beramal soleh, yang ingat-mengingati supaya mentaati

kebenaran, dan yang ingat-mengingati dengan kesabaran." Surah Al-A'sr


Dari Abdullah bin 'Amr R.A, Rasulullah S.A.W bersabda:


"Sampaikanlah pesanku walaupun satu ayat…"


||Usah minta izin utk 'share'||
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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Durian Belanda Adalah Penawar Sebenar Kanser


Durian Belanda atau Soursop, buah dari pohon Graviola adalah pembunuh semulajadi sel kanser yang ajaib dengan 10 ribu kali lebih kuat dari pada terapi kemo. Tapi kenapa kita tidak tahu?

Kerana salah satu perusahaan dunia telah menutup rahsia penemuan penyelidikan tentang khasiat buah ini sebaik mungkin, mereka ingin agar dana penyelidikan yang dikeluarkan sangat besar, selama bertahun-tahun, ditambah pula keuntungan yang melimpah dengan cara menjadikan pohon Graviola Sintetis sebagai bahan utama ubat rawatan kanser.

Pohonnya rendah, di Brazil dinamai 'Graviola', di Sepanyol 'Guanabana' bahasa Inggeris dipanggil 'Soursop'. Di Indonesia, dikenali sebagai buah Sirsak manakala di Malaysia dipanggil sebagai Durian Belanda. Buahnya agak besar, kulitnya berduri lembut, isi buah berwarna putih, rasanya masam-masam manis, dimakan dengan cara membuka kulitnya atau dibuat jus.

Khasiat dari buah durian belanda ini memberikan kesan anti tumor / kanser yang sangat kuat, dan terbukti secara perubatan menyembuhkan segala jenis kanser. Selain menyembuhkan kanser, buah ini juga berfungsi sebagai anti bakteria, anti fungus , berkesan melawan berbagai jenis parasit dan cacing, menurunkan tekanan darah tinggi, kemurungan, stress, dan menormalkan kembali sistem saraf yang kurang baik.

Salah satu contoh betapa pentingnya kewujudan Institut Sains Kesihatan bagi orang-orang Amerika adalah kerana institut ini telah membuka tabir rahsia buah ajaib ini.

Fakta yang membingungkankan adalah:

Jauh dipedalaman hutan Amazon, tumbuh 'pohon ajaib', yang akan merubah cara berfikir anda, doktor anda, dan dunia mengenai proses penyembuhan kanser dan harapan untuk bertahan hidup.

Hasil penyelidikan membuktikan "pohon ajaib" dan buahnya ini :

i) Menyerang sel kanser secara efektif dan semulajadi, TANPA rasa mual, berat badan turun, rambut gugur, seperti yang terjadi pada terapi kemo.

ii) Melindungi sistem kekebalan tubuh dan mencegah dari jangkitan yang mematikan.

iii) Pesakit merasakan lebih kuat, lebih sihat selama proses perawatan / penyembuhan.

iv) Menambah tenaga dan penampilan fizikal semakin bertambah baik.

Sumber berita sangat mengejutkan ini berasal dari salah satu pengeluar farmasi terbesar di Amerika. Buah Graviola telah diuji lebih dari 20 makmal, sejak tahun 1970-an hingga beberapa tahun berikutnya.

Hasil ujikaji dari ekstrak (sari) buah ini adalah :

1. Secara berkesan memilih sasaran dan membunuh sel jahat dari 12 jenis kanser yang berbeza, diantaranya kanser : Usus Besar, Payu Dara, Prostat, Paru-Paru dan Pankreas.

2. Daya kerjanya 10,000 kali lebih kuat dalam memperlambatkan pertumbuhan sel kanser dibandingkan dengan Adriamycin dan Terapi Kemo yang biasa digunakan!

3. Tidak seperti terapi kemo, ekstrak buah ini secara selektif hanya memburu dan membunuh sel-sel jahat dan TIDAK membahayakan atau membunuh sel-sel yang sihat.

Penyelidikan telah dilakukan secara ekstensif pada pohon "ajaib" ini,selama bertahun-tahun tapi kenapa kita tidak tahu langsung mengenai hal ini ?

Jawabnya adalah :

Begitu mudah kesihatan kita, kehidupan kita, dikendalikan oleh yang memiliki wang dan kekuasaan!

Salah satu perusahaan ubat terbesar di Amerika dengan aset jutaan dollar melakukan penyelidikan luar biasa pada pohon Graviola yang tumbuh dihutan Amazon ini.

Ternyata beberapa bahagian dari pohon ini :

Kulit kayu, akar, daun, isi buah dan bijinya, selama berabad-abad lamanya telah menjadi penawar bagi suku Indian di Amerika Selatan untuk menyembuhkan :

Sakit jantung, asma, masalah berkaitan hati dan rematik. Dengan bukti-bukti ilmiah yang minimum, perusahaan yang mengumpulkan dana dan sumber usaha manusia yang sangat besar bagi tujuan melakukan penyelidikan dan berbagai ujian. Hasilnya sangat menakjubkan. Graviola secara ilmiah telah terbukti sebagai agen pembunuh sel kanser yang berkesan !

Tapi… kisah Graviola hampir berakhir disini. Kenapa?

Dibawah undang-undang persekutuan, sumber bahan semulajadi untuk ubat adalah DILARANG dipatentkan.

Perusahaan menghadapi masalah besar dan mereka berusaha sedaya upaya dengan pembiayaan sangat besar untuk membuat klon tiruan dari Graviola ini agar ianya dapat dipatentkan sehingga dana yang dikeluarkan untuk penyelidikan dan ujian dapat dituntut dan bahkan mengaup keuntungan besar. Tapi usaha ini tidak berhasil kerana Graviola tidak berjaya diklon.

Perusahaan gigit jari setelah mengeluarkan dana jutaan dolar untuk usaha penyelidikan mereka.

Ketika mimpi untuk mendapatkan keuntungan besar beransur-ansur pudar, kegiatan penyelidikan juga turut berhenti. Lebih parah lagi, perusahaan menutup projek ini dan memutuskan untuk TIDAK menerbitkan hasil penyelidikan ini.

Beruntunglah, ada salah seorang ilmuwan dari kumpulan penyelidik tidak sanggup melihat kekejaman ini terjadi. Dengan mengorbankan kerjayanya, dia menghubungi sebuah perusahaan yang biasa mengumpulkan bahan-bahan bersumberkan semulajadi dari hutan Amazon untuk penghasilan penawar.

Ketika para pakar penyelidik dari Institut Sains Kesihatan mendengar berita keajaiban Graviola, mereka mulai lakukan usaha penyelidikan. Hasilnya sangat mengejutkan. Graviola terbukti sebagai pohon pembunuh sel kanser yang berkesan.

The National Cancer Institute mulakan penyelidikan ilmiah yang pertama pada tahun 1976. Hasilnya membuktikan bahawa daun dan batang kayu Graviola mampu menyerang dan menghancurkan sel-sel jahat kanser. Sayangnya hasil ini hanya untuk keperluan dalaman dan tidak dihebahkan.

Sejak 1976, Graviola telah terbukti sebagai pembunuh sel kanser yang luar biasa pada ujikaji yang dilakukan oleh 20 makmal bebas yang berbeza.

Satu kajian yang dihasilkan oleh the Journal of Natural Products menyatakan bahawa kajian yang dilakukan oleh Catholic University di Korea Selatan, mendakwa bahawa salah satu unsur kimia yang terkandung di dalam Graviola, mampu memilih, membezakan dan membunuh sel kanser usus besar dengan 10,000 kali lebih kuat berbanding dengan Adriamycin dan terapi kemo!

Sebuah kajian di Purdue University pula membuktikan bahwa daun Graviola mampu membunuh sel kanser secara berkesan, terutama sel kanser: Prostat, Pankreas, dan Paru-paru.

Setelah hampir 7 tahun tidak ada berita mengenai Graviola, akhirnya berita keajaiban ini pecah juga, melalui informasi dari Lembaga-lembaga seperti disebutkan terdahulu.

Kisah lengkap tentang Graviola, dimana memperolehnya, dan bagaimana cara memanfaatkannya, dapat dijumpai dalam Beyond Chemotherapy:

New Cancer Killers, Safe as Mother's milk, sebagai bonus istimewa percuma terbitan Health Sciences Institute.

Sekarang anda tahu manfaat durian belanda yang luar biasa ini. Rasanya manis-manis masam begitu menyegarkan. Buah yang 100% semulajadi tanpa sebarang kesan sampingan. Sebarkan maklumat berharga ini kepada keluarga, saudara, sahabat dan teman yang anda kasihi.

Salam Ukhuwah..~
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Dewa-Takkan Ada Cinta Yang Lain


Nak share lagu nie dengan korang semua...

Dewa-Takkan Ada Cinta Yang Lain

Haruskah kuulangi lagi
Kata cintaku padamu Yakinkan dirimu
Masihkah terlintas didada
Keraguanmu itu Susahkan hatimu

Reff :
Tak akan ada cinta yang lain
Pastikan cintaku hanya untukmu
Pernahkah terbersit olehmu
Akupun takut kehilangan... Dirimu

Ingatkah satu bait kenangan
Cerita cinta kita Tak mungkin terlupa
Buang semua angan mulukmu itu
Percaya takdir kita Aku cinta padamu
Back to Reff :

Akankah nanti
Terulang lagi
Jalinan cinta semu
Dengar bisikku
Bukalah mata hatimu..
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Monday, November 1, 2010